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Similar to other brands of handbags, the Michael Kors handbag may also be one of the popular types and styles of bags—satchel, tote and clutch, among others. Although other brands also have their own collections for these types of handbags, one can eventually distinguish a Michael Kors handbag among a multitude of branded bags.

The Michael Kors handbags feature a minimalist, classic design that makes any Michael Kors handbag a bag for all seasons and for all occasions. It is one that you can carry whenever and wherever, with whatever. It is something lying in between casual and formal but one thing remains—its elegance and its rich appeal stands out from the rest.

As mentioned above, you can eventually take your Michael Kors bag whenever, wherever, and with whatever. If you are one who would often wear jeans, you can carry a Michael Kors Grayson camouflage satchel. If you are going to a cocktail party, the Michael Kors Tilda Clutch can complete your evening ensemble. If you are going to the office or attending a formal meeting where you would need to look professional, let the Michael Kors Sloan Large Tote help you. Visiting the Michael Kors website can definitely help you pick which Michael Kors handbag will fit your attire.

Michael Kors Replica Handbags

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Michael Kors: The Man Behind the Elegance

Indeed, a lot of people know about the elegance that a Michael Kors handbag exudes, but not all of them know the man behind the name. Learning who he is might just help you appreciate his creations more and see the Michael Kors handbags better than ever.

Michael Kors, was born in NY on August 9, 1959. He is the son of a former Jewish model Joan Hamburger to her first husband, a college student named Karl Anderson. His name was changed to Michael David Kors when he was five years old when his mom remarried. Upon growing up he resided in Merrick, NY, and graduated from Bellmore, New York's John F. Kennedy High School. And yes, he is openly gay.

Michael started venturing in design at the age of 19. He entered the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York City to take a course in fashion design. Back in 1981, the Michael Kors women's wear line was launched and displayed to the public at Bloomingdale, Bergdorf Goodman, and Lord & Taylor. While working hard towards success, he was hailed as the first designer to create the ready-to-wear line for women for Celine in 1997. While working for the fashion house, he has been known for the accessories and ready-to-wear line of clothing. As he garnered an impressive track record, he found it enough for him to afford focusing in his own brand, with his own name and signature. On October 2003, he finally left Celine to embark on a solo career as he also developed a line of apparels and accessories for men.

From clothing to the usual accessories that go with the clothes, Michael Kors ventured in the creation of handbags. Through the years and as his collections evolved, his creations never lost the American chic style, which was also eminent in his collection of women's handbags. Some of the most popular Michael Kors handbags are the Michael Kors satchel and totes, among many others.

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