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Michael Teperson was born in 1976. He has French and Jewish origin. He is well educated about fashion. He studied at St. Martin's College and Royal College of Art in Parsons, Paris. He is new in the fashion industry. He started with a line of women's clothing first but later shifted to designing accessories including bags. His line of purses and bags was launched only in 2005. He teamed up with Francesco Dori, who then works as a managing director in handbag making in Florence. The team created a collection of handbags that utilize exotic leathers, feathers and satin. With Michael Teperson's natural talent and skills for innovation, his collection definitely passed to become one of those in the luxurious fashion industry. His handbag and purse collection has been praised for their great designs and top notch quality. They bags are also not overpriced when compared with other designer bags.
Michael Teperson's Top Items

Michael Teperson Replica Bags

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Michael Teperson offers handbags for men and women. There are also travel bags that are usually made from leather and canvas. The style of Michael Teperson bags represents is ranging from retro chic to modern that is somewhat close to Dior and Chanel. One who wants an affordable designer clutch should definitely check Michael Teperson's regular and cruise collection. Each style is also available in a variety of versions including. Nonetheless, every piece is polished and truly luxurious.  

At present, Michael Teperson's flute leather is one of the most popular among consumers. It is also one of Michael Teperson bags that received the most positive reviews from critics and fashion editors. The Flute leather bag has crystal, feathers and metal details, which are very common in Michael Teperson's entire collection. In fact, Michael Teperson likes to use Swarovski crystals. He is also known for incorporating exotic leathers to most of his creations.

Michael Teperson's Madison purse is another item to look out for. It is made from matte crocodile leather that is truly impressive. Its shoulder strap is neat and has a flirty characteristic. The closure's shape is also rare these days.

Hermes Birkin Himalayan Crocodile Bag

Birkin Crocodile Let's face it – the Hermes Birkin bag is among the most sought-after designer bags with every known fashionista, celebrity and royalty using it. But there's something even more coveted than the Birkin bag – the Himalayan Crocodile Birkin bag! Because of its rarity, it's one of most wanted bags among those who can afford it. But don't worry as you can get a more affordable replica of the Himalayan, thus, avoiding selling your soul for it. The name Himalayan refers to its color, while a diamond-encrusted version also exists. Still, we think that this is enough on its own, especially since the unique design is a head-turner as is.

Bulgari Serpenti Green Bag

Yet another of our incredible knockoff designer bags is the Bvlgari Serpenti bag. It may not seem as exotic as the others on this list but its special design definitely merits a place here. The color combo between the bag's main material in emerald green and the golden hardware coupled by the metallic snake detail makes it striking, even at first glance.
All of these bags will make you the center of attention - a positive one, if we may add – whenever you wear them. These bags, after all, speaks about your impeccable taste in exotic bags.

Michael Teperson's Clientele

Among Michael Teperson's top clienteles are Reese Witherspoon (actress) and Natalia Vodianova (model). They were commonly spotted carrying a Michael Teperson tote or hobo bag. 

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Michael Teperson Bag Dealership

Currently, Michal Teperson bags are available in different local boutiques and shopping stores on the web. A great place to look for is Harrods and other high end fashion stores. Michael Teperson has not built an online store for his line yet but you can still search for some high end stores that have an electronic version. Most of them offer worldwide shipping. One can definitely get their hands on a Michael Teperson handbag without spending hours. 

While Michael Teperson bags do not belong to the most expensive accessories in the fashion industry, a sale is still much awaited by moneysaving individuals. A sale is the perfect time to get a Michael Teperson bag from previous collections for a lower price. However, waiting for the sale is not a good idea if you are after the top designs. Most of the top selling bags are not reproduced several times so it is highly recommended that you buy as long as there is stock.

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